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About the East Penn Issues Web Site
The East Penn Issues web site was created during Alan Earnshaw's 2009 campaign for re-election to the school board. During the campaign, he compiled detailed financial information about the district and used the site to address several key issues. After the election, Alan decided to redesign the site to keep the financial information up to date and provide an outlet to address ongoing issues related to the East Penn School District.

Alan Earnshaw and his family
Alan Earnshaw, his wife Rebecca, and their four children in August 2010.
Alan's Biography

Alan was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. His father was a route salesman, supervisor, and sales manager in the bread industry, and his mother was an elementary school teacher. Alan is the oldest of three children; his brother lives in Utah and his sister lives in Oregon with their families. His mother also lives in Oregon; his father passed away in 2016.

He received a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Brigham Young University in 1990. He married his college sweetheart, Rebecca Thompson, and they made their home in Utah for over 10 years while Alan ran a small computer software company. In 1999, Alan took a job with another small software company in Dearborn, Michigan, and they lived in suburban Detroit for almost two years.

In the meantime, Rebecca's father retired from the U.S. Army and settled in Lower Macungie Township. While visiting their extended family, Alan and Rebecca fell in love with the Lehigh Valley. Alan secured a job with Air Products and Chemicals, and they relocated here in September 2000, purchasing a home in the Borough of Macungie. Since joining Air Products, Alan has held several positions of increasing responsibility, managing projects, programs, and people. He currently works in the Performance Materials Division, with global responsibilities for business reporting, data analysis, and process improvement for the sales and marketing functions. On January 3, 2017, the division was sold to Evonik Industries, a global specialty chemical company headquartered in Essen, Germany, and Alan has continued in his job with the new company.

When they arrived, Ann Thompson, Alan's mother-in-law, was serving on the East Penn School Board. In January 2001, she asked him to consider running for a seat on the board. After attending two meetings, he agreed to run. With only four candidates for the four open seats, he did not do any campaigning, but he did attend nearly every board meeting that year to ensure he was familiar with the issues facing the district and how the board interacted in their meetings. He was elected to the board in November 2001, and sworn into office in December. In 2005, Alan was re-elected to the board, winning one of four seats in a field of eight candidates. In 2009, he was again re-elected to the board, this time from a field of 11 candidates. In 2013, he was yet again re-elected to the board, again from a field of eight candidates.

Each year during the first week of December, school boards in Pennsylvania elect a president and vice president from among their nine members. Alan served as Vice President of the board for six years (from December 2004 - December 2008 and December 2011 - December 2013). He served as President from December 2008 - December 2010, and has been serving as President since December 2013. While on the board, he has also served as Chair of the Policy and Superintendent Evaluation Committees, and he led the search for a new Superintendent in 2007.

In December 2007, he was appointed to serve as one of East Penn's four representatives on the Joint Operating Committee (JOC) of Lehigh Career and Technical Institute (LCTI). At LCTI, he was a member of the Policy and Marketing/Public Relations Committees from December 2007 - December 2011, serving as the Chair of the latter committee from December 2008 - December 2011. He served as Vice Chair of the JOC from December 2009 - December 2011 and Chair of the JOC from December 2011 - December 2013. (As Chair, he was an ex officio member of all committees, so he stepped down from his previous committee assignments.) Since December 2013, he has been a member of the Marketing/Public Relations Committee.

Alan and Rebecca married in 1988 and have four children: Kathy (graduate of Emmaus High School, majoring in Anthropology at Brigham Young University), Jared (graduate of Emmaus High School, majoring in Math Education at Brigham Young University), Sarah (graduate of Emmaus High School and the Cosmetology program at LCTI), and Hannah (autistic support class at Emmaus High School).

This web site contains the personal opinions of Alan Earnshaw, not the official positions of the East Penn School Board or the East Penn School District.
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